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Anime News Tokyo   ( English language / Japanese language )
The latest Anime News From Tokyo,Weekly Update
(first time of submission 08/13/1999, time of update 08/13/1999)
AMPlus   ( English language )
The Online Anime & Manga Magazine
(first time of submission 11/30/1199, time of update 11/30/1199)
Anime Interview Newsletter   ( English language )
The newsletter that provides one on one interview with anime stars. See what the stars say about their character, see their memorable moments on the movie and much more. Each issue includes pictures, screen-shot, music and moving pictures in animated GIF
(first time of submission 01/51/1999, time of update 01/51/1999)
Anime Nation   ( English language )
Anime Nation, contains reviews,links,news and new releases, and sections for Ani-Mayhem, anime basics, and an original art gallery.
(first time of submission 01/27/1999, time of update 01/27/1999)
Animeco   ( English language )
ANIMECO, your anime connection, is your quarterly guide to anime, manga and related items.
(first time of submission 01/21/1999, time of update 01/21/1999)
Animerica   ( English language )
A magazine related to manga and anime in North America.
(first time of submission 11/41/1999, time of update 11/41/1999)
Animerica Magazine   ( English language )
Animerica, the anime and manga monthly, is now online!. Get updates from the premier source of information for Japanese animation and comic books for enthusiastic English-speaking audiences. Fans of all ages enjoy Animerica's dynamic coverage of this gro
Charged for, (first time of submission 01/29/1999, time of update 01/29/1999)
Animezine   ( English language )
Welcome to Animezine where you can read all the latest news on your favorite Anime's
(first time of submission 02/03/1999, time of update 02/03/1999)
Antarctic Press   ( English language )
News, AP Info, Ordering, Schedule, Downloads, Mail.
(first time of submission 02/06/1999, time of update 02/06/1999)
Ask the Suzaku Seishi   ( English language )
This site is run by the Suzaku Seishi. You can send them an email letter and they will do their best to answer it on the site.
(first time of submission 12/24/1199, time of update 12/24/1199)
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